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Events are the lifeblood of many businesses so make them count  

Do you rely on events to drive acquisition? The pandemic changed the events industry forever, with many of us realising how valuable virtual events are. But they can be uninspiring. Discover the benefits of a cutting edge virtual solution.

The pandemic put virtual events on the map. And that's great. But virtual events are here to stay – what we've created are attractions and experiences in their own right.

Problems you told us about

  • You needed reliability, you can't forecast or plan events without knowing for certain you can hold them.

  • Existing virtual events software is too formulaic. Out-of-the-box functionality results in too many bog-standard events and webinar fatigue.

  • Networking functionality is an afterthought when it should be the focus.

  • Everything is a little too hard for your guests to use – the UI is lacking.

  • You want to run your own events with full, unrivalled support from your event provider and partner, before during and after the event.

  • You didn't want to be limited on attendee numbers.

  • You want to make lasting impressions on attendees, other solutions feel gimmicky or low-tech.

What we offer

  • We can create venues for one-off events, through to  always on and always available

  • PixelMax has delivered experiences that are worth going to and that people actually talk about

  • We offer a CMS system so you can repeat tweak and go again, making it really cost effective against hiring out venues and conference centres

  • The ability to twin any real-world event you're hosting to boost the amount of people who get to experience your event and brand

  • Everything you see is fully branded, and fully customisable – your logo, your aesthetics and the entire world

  • A fully immersive 3D virtual world people actually want to explore and interact with – as realistic or abstract as you like. It drops jaws and raises eyebrows

The PixelMax Solution

  • Immersive experience

  • Fully brandable

  • Simple user interface (UI)

  • Presentation stages

  • Relaxation areas

  • Networking, voice, video and text chat and data capture

  • Real-time social media feeds

  • Reusable events venue

  • Scalable to thousands of  attendees

  • Mini games

  • Polls, comments walls, and competitions

  • Multiplayer avatars

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