The Virtual Workplace: Enter the Metaverse

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February 15, 2023

The hybrid work revolution

2020 changed the way we work. Practically overnight businesses were forced to adopt a remote-first model. A change that under normal circumstances would likely have taken years, was accelerated exponentially. The hybrid work revolution is in full swing, we have had our eyes opened to the benefits and we aren’t prepared to relinquish them. But with the benefits came challenges, many of which are still being grappled with on a global scale.  And, to a large extent, global organisations have always had a level of challenge here, just not on such an immediate scale.

The early tech heroes that made widespread homeworking a possibility soon became the villains. As ‘Zoom fatigue’ gained traction, it was easy to conclude these pre-pandemic platforms didn’t quite hit the mark as a long-term solution.

The metaverse

More recently, the talk track has become focused on the metaverse, and what this could mean for the world of work. Nailing down such a nebulously titled concept isn't easy (some big influential names have recently tried and failed). The metaverse is the concept of a living internet, where avatars and people are seamlessly connected. It is an important concept when it comes to exploring how we move forward. It's tempting to view it as the 'next big thing'. Yet that may not quite be true.

There's a very real possibility that the metaverse will be the last big thing that hits business, changing it in a way that will make it different to everything that came before. Our recent paper, titled The Virtual Workplace: Enter The Metaverse, explains why and how the metaverse can and will change hybrid working forever and we introduce the 3D virtual workplace as the first step to a more natural workplace in the metaverse. You can download the full report for free below.

The Virtual Workplace

Every business will eventually need to provide a Virtual Workplace to both attract and retain the best talent. This digital extension of the enterprise is not only a digital asset for the future, it will allow a business to project its personality in a manner that magnifies its physical world and creates an experience that is the embodiment of both the organisation and the individual.  

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