PixelMax welcomes ITV News to Bonded Warehouse to share the metaverse vision

The secret is out! PixelMax was recently featured in a national news broadcast all about demystifying the metaverse. Our network of clients and friends were also involved, including our friends from The Occupational Mind Group, The ATACC Group and Credersi.
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Rosa Knox-Bradley
September 9, 2022

The segments were broadcast over two nights. Tuesday 8th February’s broadcast focused on education and training in the metaverse, and Wednesday 9th February’s prime-time broadcast was about the future of work in the metaverse as well as how to approach wellbeing as a company.

Demystifying the Metaverse

The metaverse has garnered a lot of attention recently, but one of the main issues with pinning a definition down is that there isn’t actually a consensus on what the metaverse could look like. 

PixelMax has been working on developing an enterprise version of the metaverse. In these Virtual Workplaces, built as a metaverse, employees or communities can communicate spontaneously and informally, collaborate successfully and enjoy their experience. Our vision is that work should be gratifying for employees. Spontaneous interaction should be encouraged, as well as creating lasting relationships with co-workers. The joy that is found when in the workplace is something that is often missing from hybrid work. Workers feel lonely and disconnected from their team and wider business without the right infrastructure and solutions in place.

Welcoming ITV News to Bonded Warehouse

To discuss the issues that thousands of workers and organisations currently face in regards to Hybrid working, and the vision of PixelMax’s Virtual Workplace, we welcomed ITV News reporter James Webster to Bonded Warehouse in Manchester.

Shay O'Carroll interviewed by ITV News

Our co-founder Shay O’Carroll spoke to James about Virtual Workplace solutions and how revolutionary it will be in the near future. The immersive, virtual 3D worlds will allow teams to come together and collaborate in real-time. The metaverse allows teams to interact in a way that feels natural and engaging. Although video calls were saviours at the start of the pandemic, as humans we find it exhausting - we weren’t meant to exist in 2D, and these video calls just don’t feel natural. Informal communication has been lost despite the fact creative activity is done informally 90% of the time at work.

James Webster then spoke to PixelMax co-founder Andy about what specifically PixelMax is doing in the metaverse. Andy explained the benefits and opportunities to lessen the gap between the physical and virtual workspace by utilising the metaverse. Andy explained that virtual offices can be designed to bring the employees personality, and interests to life - there doesn’t have to be hierarchical parameters around office real-estate, as everyone can have a stunning corner office with amazing views; and using gamification to unlock benefits and features by engagement in the Virtual Workplace.

Andy Sands interviewed by ITV News

Exploring the Virtual Workplace

Shay and Andy discussed how PixelMax is aiming to recreate the office atmosphere to make Virtual Workplaces immersive and makes co-workers feel part of a real team. Every morning you can walk into the immersive 3D world, much like you would in real life, helping you to create a separation between work and home. Music plays to create an atmosphere, messages or videos can play when entering the space, and teams or communities can be invited to take part in a mini game or daily challenge. It’s designed to get the working day off to a good start, be engaging and bring people together with spontaneity

Any world or situation can be built as part of the workplace metaverse. The team at PixelMax even recreated the interview in the metaverse for use in the segment!

Bonded Warehouse Manchester in the Metaverse

James Webster asked crucial, pressing questions that got to the core of why we were developing a Virtual Workplace metaverse and the benefits of this at both an organisational level and employee level. The Virtual Workplaces and amazing training and educational worlds we have created at PixelMax are groundbreaking pieces of technology and we are privileged to be featured on the regional news. The worlds we have created have the potential to change the future of work forever.

Training in the metaverse

The ATACC Group, a frequent collaborator of PixelMax, was interviewed by ITV News to discuss the potential of training and education in the metaverse. The virtual world, powered by PixelMax, has been used to deliver first responder training in medical rescue and first aid. We made immersive 3D worlds that allow the ATACC Group to recreate their in-person training programmes with mass audience scale and global reach. Read more about the work The ATACC Group does here.

Dr Mark Forrest interviewed by ITV News

How we can change education

Sophie Duncan, Customer Success Executive at Credersi was also interviewed to discuss the potential of education in the metaverse. She spoke to James Webster about the potential for students, delegates and teachers to come together for scheduled lectures taught by real people in an immersive and engaging 3D virtual world.

Sophie spoke about what the Credersi World will look like - attendees can walk around the immersive world, go to the cinema, go to a COVID lab or learn about the other courses offered. 

The importance of wellbeing

Sarah Clarke MBPsS, Organisational Psychologist at the Occupational Mind Group explored the importance of organisational culture and wellbeing. In her interview, she notes that zoom fatigue has kicked in. It takes a lot more brainpower to focus on conversations in 2D. In addition, informal conversations with friends and colleagues are often lost in video calls with a large group of people. People often don’t want to discuss their personal lives in large group calls. The Virtual Workplace makes interactions feel more personal, encouraging spontaneity and real human interaction.

Watch the clip to see PixelMax featured on ITV News!

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