Employee Wellbeing and the Metaverse

The way we approach wellbeing has changed since going remote. The ball pools, free food and gym memberships that the leaders in employee wellbeing once had to attract and retain employees are now rethinking how to approach employee wellbeing as we enter the metaverse.
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Rosa Knox-Bradley
June 13, 2022

Remote work shifted how we approach work

Working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic has altered how we are working forever. This is just the start of the changes we will see in the coming years. The metaverse is soon going to evolve how we live and work for good. What’s more, it will fundamentally develop how we approach employee wellness in the future. 

There are many benefits

The beauty of hybrid work is that employees are now able to balance their work lives and home lives more effectively, leading to better employee satisfaction. At this time of “The Great Resignation”, the market has turned into an employee’s market, with employees’ choice of jobs growing and the willingness to settle in jobs that don’t satisfy them shrinking. Gone are the days of having a “lifer” mentality in a company - employees are less loyal to their businesses, and have higher expectations. Many expect flexible working and the option to work from home. Employers should see the positives in this though - the employees who work for your company are they because they align with your company values and believe in your product. Now might be the time to reflect on these values and ensure that the way you treat your employees aligns with these standards.

There have been some real benefits to remote work that many simply didn’t experience before. Only 12.4% of workers worked remotely before the pandemic. Flexible workers have now discovered the benefits of reduced travel time, better childcare options, and more of a work-life balance. We have more freedom to choose where we are living too. More people are moving to rural areas now they commute less frequently, if at all now. 

There are drawbacks to remote work

Although working from home has been one of the great things about the changing workforce over the past few years, there are still some key issues. Humans have a core need to interact with each other, and although some people thrive at home, a big part of why we go to work and enjoy it is because of the relationships we develop with our colleagues. This is a huge element of what forms a company culture and is critical to the success of businesses. 

Without this human connection, the company culture is threatened. Teams feel siloed and it’s challenging for employees to spontaneously chat as they did in the office. Meetings are scheduled and there is little time to have the important informal conversations that build these vital relationships with colleagues. Moreover, Zoom fatigue is a challenge that many of us are dealing with. Video calls are exhausting because we are focusing on a wall of 2D faces while trying to engage in conversations. Workers are feeling detached from their team and their work. 

It’s time to bring back positive employee culture

So, how can we bring back employee culture, even when working remotely? The answer lies in the metaverse. Now is the time for businesses to invest in their Virtual Workplace. We weren’t meant to operate  in the 2D worlds that we find ourselves in. Spontaneous work conversation has been missing from our day to day work - a Virtual Workplace encourages these conversations through your very own avatar. Building relationships and bringing fun back into the workplace encourages a positive atmosphere and a higher level of employee engagement. Recreate those water-cooler moments, jump into a meeting room, have a corridor chat,  do a wellbeing challenge together, and have fun!

Not only do employees feel more connected with spontaneous conversations and click-to-chat with other avatars, but there are extras that can be put in the world to encourage the wellbeing of staff. Guided meditation sessions, workouts, and beautiful environments to visit, are just some of what’s available. Investing in the Virtual Workplace is a method to improve the well-being of your remote staff. Engagement and conversations are encouraged with polls and comment walls that drive employee interaction and spark conversation. 

Well-being is thoughtfully considered when helping you create your immersive worlds The Virtual Workplace improves accessibility for everyone - parents to young children, disabled employees, and workers who live further away - and help to bring teams together. The Virtual Workplace is employee focused and uses the same technology that makes games immersive and enjoyable. If people can spend multiple hours enjoying a game, shouldn’t work be like this too?

Employee wellbeing and mental health go hand in hand

One of the best things about the last decade or so is the loss of stigma around mental health problems. What was once a taboo in the workplace is now more openly discussed amongst staff and management. Although there is still a while to go before the stigma is completely reduced, employers are better understanding the mental health and wellbeing of their staff.

Over the past ten years or so, there was a real focus on making the work environment an enjoyable place for employees, and this was really highlighted with tech companies investing in slides, ball pools, free food and sleeping pods. However, these benefits do not translate well to the digital world. Companies must think about how to invest to benefit those who are working remotely. That’s where the Virtual Workplace comes in; the wellbeing of employees is put as a priority. 

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