Revolutionising medical training to meet the needs of the future

PixelMax’s virtual worlds have been used to deliver first responder training in medical rescue and first aid, all through our amazing 3D worlds
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January 10, 2023

Who are The ATACC Group?

The ATACC Group promotes and delivers first aid and medical rescue training, challenging current standards of training to best empower people to save lives. Their live training pre-Covid was ground-breaking, with live shoot-outs on stage, hostage takeovers, emergency C-Section demos and multi-agency training for mass casualty incidents.

The training and courses are high-impact and revolutionary in the medical training field. Innovation is at the core of everything The ATACC Group do.


What was the problem?

The ATACC Group are unlike any other medical conference or training provider. They run live advanced trauma courses but due to the pandemic, they were unable to run face to face events. They needed a solution that allowed them to continue to run training and events, that was as ground-breaking as their face to face training but that could be delivered virtually. They needed an immersive, engaging and high impact experience.


What was the solution?

PixelMax produced a 3D world that delivered on The ATACC Group vision of immersing delegates within educational content, allowing them to recreate virtually their in-person training programmes with mass audience scale and global reach.

Training in a 3D world

The platform hosts specific areas for scenario-based training courses as well as a main stage auditorium for live events and conferences. On demand educational content for those who miss sessions can also be stored on the platform. This always-on element was a core requirement for The ATACC Group as this allows users to re-visit training courses to reduce skills fade.

See our video case study here

Virtual 3D event stage

The ATACC Group have now resumed their face-to-face training courses and will use their 3D world to run alongside these programmes, to continue to deliver their life saving training with trailblazing innovation.

Virtual 3D event always on content

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