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Shay O'Carroll
July 1, 2022

Virtual events have been redefined

In 2020, a global shift was forced upon us all. Our working patterns, social patterns, travel plans and even how we communicated changed. The events industry was significantly affected, with most events being put on hold or forced to pivot into virtual events. This change did mean one thing for the events industry: their usual actions were redefined. Virtual events solutions were brought to the forefront. But now virtual events are no longer a contingency plan.

Virtual events have rapidly become a core part of business growth strategies. Whether you are holding an exclusive fan event, generating leads, launching a new product, hosting a trade show, holding a conference or conducting training there is no reason why a virtual event can’t provide an amazing experience for delegates.

However, there is one problem with virtual events. Often, there is a missing element. The human connection. It can be difficult to replicate the excitement of a conference hall before a key speaker, or those spontaneous networking moments in the queue for lunch. 

However, 3D virtual events solutions can solve this. It’s time to unlock the potential of 3D worlds. 

A 3D rendering of an event space
3D Virtual Events can take place in any environment

3D Virtual Events can fill the gaps of 2D events

3D virtual events run by PixelMax can fill the gaps that 2D events lack, all while being captivating and engaging your audience in new, unforgettable ways. Our dedicated team of creatives, architects and software engineers can help you create 3D event experiences that are pioneering and innovative, bringing the virtual and real world together. 

3D virtual events are here to stay because they can offer much more than 2D or real-person events.

PixelMax events combine an amazing user interface along with the options of:

  • Live speakers
  • Pre-recorded speakers
  • Q&A sessions
  • On-demand areas
  • Mini-games
  • Polls
  • Networking features
  • Wellness areas
  • An immersive 3D world to explore
  • Situation based training 
  • In-platform commerce
  • Avatars
  • Social media integration
  • Incredible analytics 
  • And much more

3D Virtual Events are unmatched

Although there are in-person events resuming, many have found that the convenience of virtual events to be unmatched. When paired with the groundbreaking features of 3D events, it makes an unforgettable experience for attendees. 

Training in a 3D world

Previous clients such as The ATACC Group, Investor Ladder and UEFA have had fantastic worlds built for them that tells the visual story of their brand and event exactly how they like it. Read more about our 3D virtual event solutions here.

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