White-label virtual event platforms and why you need one

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Shay O'Carroll
February 15, 2023

What is a white-label virtual event platform?

The simplest definition of white-label refers to anything you can rebrand and make your own. 

In the world of virtual events, it means to your customers, clients and audience, the technology they are using and enjoying at your event is bespoke and unique to you. 

By its nature, white-label platforms are built and developed by a third party provider, but can be customised, so for all intents and purposes it looks like you developed the technology. 

White-label is not just personalised. Of course, you'd expect any platform to have an editor that'll let you drop in your own content. You'd also probably expect any paid service to offer the ability to use your own brand colour palette too.

Equally, white-label is not just being bespoke enough to add your own analytics to it either. Yes, with white-label you can set it up to capture any analytics you like: 

  • Who visited the event?
  • Which stage was the most popular?
  • What was the most frequently asked question?
  • Who stayed to the very end?

...but even that doesn't capture the true ownership of a white-label VR event solution.

With white-label, there is only you. Your brand front and centre. No watermarks. Nothing to distract or detract from your company.

We'll look at more specific benefits of that in a minute, but only white-label solutions will provide the professionalism, trust and lasting impression your state-of-the-art virtual event deserves. 

Without white-label, it's like sourcing the best cake ingredients, spending all day baking a cherished recipe, then when it's done, instead of serving it on a silver cake stand, you whack it in an old Greggs box. It just leaves people confused and thinking about Greggs. 

Why white-label is better for brands who want their virtual events to affect their ROI

You'll be offering an experience that is truly yours. One where every message and every memory of it is only associated with your brand. No-one else.

This means that attendees recall your brand easier. And that means they become customers easier. This has massive effects on your long-term pipeline and efficiency of your marketing efforts.

But the benefits are immediate too. That's because white-label VR platforms are also much more impressive.

‍Imagine if your attendees recognise that you're using the same off-the-shelf platform as everyone else. Yes, there may be some nice features, but everyone has seen them before, so it's hard to make an impression.

But imagine if you are delivering something new, exciting and it's immediately obvious it's your brand which has designed, built and staged this showcase. 

And that impact directly correlates to post event CTAs and conversion rates. There's no lingering doubt in the mind of the prospect… was it them, or was it Hopin or Hublio or vFairs who were the driving force behind that?

If you're interested in knowing more about the wider benefits surrounding both virtual events and the PixelMax solution click here

What equipment is needed for a white-label virtual event?

Your device. An internet connection.

Just because the platform is white-label, doesn't mean you're not going to find it easy and intuitive to use from the get-go. 

White-label isn't starting from a white sheet of paper. 

In fact, if you choose the PixelMax white-label virtual event platform, you'll benefit from years of virtual event experience and we'll build your solution around you, your needs and your expertise. 

Does PixelMax's white-label solution allow me to stream on Twitch or Facebook?

A big advantage of white-label platforms is that you own them. Your audience is left in no-doubt who is responsible for the event that they enjoyed.

That said, there are also benefits to tapping into the wider audience that huge platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitch provide, so it's really simple to host a PixelMax video-on-demand (VOD) on your channels.

How do I choose a virtual event platform? What are the virtual event alternatives? 

Whether you work in HR, marketing or just want a high-performing team, as an event organiser looking for a new way to host your virtual events you'll have 2 options.

There's white-label as we've mentioned, or a standard out of the box event platform.

Out of the box platforms are more limited in comparison to a white-label solution such as PixelMax. They usually provide standard functionality and can’t be customised.

Yes, you'll get to upload a profile picture, cover photo, customise some layouts and colours, and, of course, stream your content… but that's kind of it.

Common out-of-the-box platforms and apps v white-label 

Solutions like PixelMax work directly from a browser – all you need is a URL invite. No need for you or your guests to download an app.

If you're serious about hosting virtual events – especially in a hybrid world – you'll want to do it your way, with features, structures, security and branding that works exactly how you want it to. 

  • 3D immersive content - a world and experience that wows and leaves a great impression
  • A level of quality and interaction beyond that of your competitors
  • Designs and layouts unique to you 
  • Fully branded by you
  • Your own CMS - once the world is built it’s yours, so you can tweak and go again making repeat events a breeze

Because PixelMax's virtual event white-label solution is totally bespoke we can offer you any feature set you require and price accordingly, meaning you only pay for what you really need.

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