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With no limit on what’s possible, 3D virtual events combine the best elements of the virtual world and in-person events
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Shay O'Carroll
June 13, 2022

Lockdowns taught us there is an alternative to how we were living before. So much is done online and people are realising the benefits. In fact, many people do not want a return to the previous way of doing things, and it’s clear why - it fits around you. Virtual event solutions can fit around you and your clients too. 

Virtual event solutions do not need to sacrifice any of the value of a real-life event - the experience, the networking opportunities and the excitement. There are virtual event solutions that can be even more thrilling than real-life events. With no limit on what’s possible, 3D virtual events combine the best elements of the virtual world and in-person events. Every interaction feels natural and human, and can be done completely remotely.

Human connection is vital. Choosing the right virtual event solution that engages, involves and adds value for your attendees is so important. Whether you are generating leads, launching a new product, hosting a trade show, holding a conference, training attendees or doing global employee training, there is no reason why a virtual event should be limited. It’s time to unlock the potential of 3D worlds. 

Why choose a virtual events solution?

There is an amazing number of reasons to choose virtual events rather than in-person events, or at least creating a mix by running a hybrid event. Virtual events solutions are an inextricable part of the future of events, and are a useful tool to make us feel closer to our audience and peers.

Analytics at your fingerprints

PixelMax creates worlds that combine the best of the virtual and hybrid worlds. Not only that, but it brings new analytics and opportunities forward. With virtual events solutions, it is easier than ever to track analytics on the platform. Although you can still do post-event surveys with attendees, more reliable and accurate data can be gained through the platform. The data collected represents what the attendees actually did during the event - how they interacted, what sessions were most popular, and when attendees might have dropped out. 

This helps you understand which speakers were most engaging, and what attendees weren’t as interested in. This valuable information helps you plan your next event to make it even better than the previous one. The insights you receive can inform the business strategy and marketing plans to make them even better and well suited to your audiences.

Dedicated support from an expert team

Our dedicated team helps to organise, support, and build the world you are dreaming of, that best represents your brand on a white-label platform.  With a dedicated project manager, 3D designers and technical support on the day, the event will be unforgettable.

Our creative team are will help to inspire you, exploring what is possible and unlocking the possibilities of your 3D world.  

The 3D world is limitless

The immersive 3D technology allows attendees to be taken on the virtual story that you wish to tell them, with zones and areas in the 3D world that captivate and hold their attention. Not only that, but there are areas to relax, network, play games and watch sessions they may have missed on-demand. This fits around the needs and lives of your attendees.

The PixelMax team is full of creative, from architects and graphic designers through to 3D artists, and your world is managed by experienced project managers. 

We have previously worked with clients such as UEFA, Investor Ladder and The ATTAC Group, who have each had ground-breaking 3D worlds that PixelMax has helped them bring to life.

Virtual event solutions - UEFA
The UEFA Women’s Champions League Final virtual fan event #WePlayStrong allowed 1000 lucky fans to meet their heroes, take part in a keepie uppie mini game and even walk down the tunnel

At Investor Ladder’s conference, 90 delegates participated in one-to-one communications, connected with experts, interacted with content from all 19 stands, and jumped into pre-assigned workshops to learn about relevant topics

The ATACC Group runs scenario-based training with immersive, engaging and high impact experiences. Their 3D world contains examples of real-life situations to train their clients.

White-label to make an impact

Our virtual events are white-label, meaning that they can be fully branded to your company and your sponsors. 

By using your own bespoke platform, you make an immediate impression on the attendees. Your one-of-a-kind platform encourages participants to explore the world that you have created, making a lasting impression and telling the story of your brand in the way that you want. 

The worlds can be reused as often as you like for future events, and some of our clients have enjoyed the platform so much that they have turned them into always-on office spaces for collaboration and communication internally. 

Read more about white label platforms here.

Global reach 

Virtual event solutions should exist to be enjoyed by anyone who is attending, no matter where, when or how they tune in. A real benefit of virtual event solutions is that it has a global reach for both attendees and speakers at the event. Without the limitation of geography, the scope is open for who can attend and who can speak, bringing more value for all. 

Worldwide participants offer diverse perspectives and increase the knowledge base for the event, increasing inclusivity. 

Virtual events are also better for the environment, with less travelling required than an in-person event. A reduced need for goodie bags, handouts and catering also save the event organiser’s carbon footprint.

The human connection

Unlocking the benefits of virtual events solutions and finding that human connection is so important. PixelMax has hosted events for UEFA, The ATACC Group and Investor Ladder to name a few. These businesses are innovators, and are willing to try something at the cutting edge of communications. It is clear that the future of virtual events is at an interesting stage. Companies who are innovators and want virtual solutions should be open to 3D worlds and amazing new experiences, where the human touch is not lost.

Reuse your world

Once your 3D world is established, it can be used again and again for your events. With each use of your world, an ongoing cost is saved. For the organiser, there are no venues to book, licences needed, catering, travel and cost expenses. For attendees, travel and accommodation costs are saved, as well as the potential loss of income from days away from the office.

Making it work for you

Finding the right platform that can work for you is important. You need the right partner who can understand and execute your ideas to be the best they can be. With PixelMax, our expert team works with your brand to deliver an unforgettable experience for your attendees. Whatever the size and scale of your business, we have a solution that works for you. Get in contact with us today. 

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