A virtual event promoting innovation and industry investment in the Agritech space with Investor Ladder

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January 30, 2023

Whatever the company, whatever the industry, whatever problem, we can help you find a bespoke virtual solution. Here we look at how we worked alongside Investor Ladder.

3D Virtual Event for Investor Ladder

So, who are Investor Ladder and what do they do?

Investor Ladder is an invite-only network of the most active investors, incubators, and accelerators in the Science and Technology Sector. 

There's a global reach and a track record of building, scaling and investing in businesses.

What was the problem?

During the pandemic, Investor Ladder found that they were a network struggling to hold a productive networking event.

They had innovations to showcase from 19 different providers in the crucial Agritech space, but restrictions meant it was impossible to get everyone who needed to see them in the same room at the same time.

Video conferencing just wasn't cutting it.

And they needed to host the event in just under 30 days.

What did PixelMax create?

A creative virtual environment that not only far surpassed video conferencing, but was far more successful than physical events pre-pandemic.

The PixelMax solution allowed 90 delegates to participate in one-to-one communications, connect with experts, interact with content from all 19 stands, and jump into pre-assigned workshops to learn about relevant topics!

What were the benefits?

Both quantitative and anecdotal engagement skyrocketed.  Clients, investors, and Barclays bank all said the platform had that ‘wow factor’ due to the look and feel. In fact, the quality of the showcase furthered Investor Ladder's partnership with Barclays.

The combination of experience and expertise resulted in Investor Ladder's most seamless event – all a month after they thought they wouldn't be able to host it.

Take a look at the world we created here.

The Project management support internally gives PixelMax the edge over other platforms.
Gordon Bateman

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