Virtual workplaces

Hybrid working is here to stay, so how do we make it more engaging? Do you want a solution that’s more than just video conferencing?


Our immersive Virtual Workplaces bring communities together seamlessly, regardless of location

  • Spontaneous ‘in world’ voice chat and text chat

  • Fully customisable stylised avatars with bump to chat functionality

  • Immersive 3D virtual office space, which can be as creative as you like

  • Wellbeing spaces where on-demand content like exercise classes or meditations can be accessed

  • Live availability tracking - never be unsure where a colleague is or whether they are available again

  • Create energy and cultivate a positive culture with mini games and leaderboards

What is a Virtual Workplace?

"A virtual space that enables employees and wider communities to effectively communicate, collaborate and co-create, regardless of location."

A Virtual Workplace combines the power of human connection and seamless integration to transform hybrid working. It allows people to be present, as a digital representation of themselves. Avatars of colleagues can interact and work together, with the ability to access applications like Slack or Dropbox within the virtual space.

The virtual workplace can be a replica of your current office or something completely new

The Virtual Workplace can be a replica of your current office or something completely new

The virtual workplace can be a replica of your current office or something completely new

Third party integration with Teams, Slack and Dropbox

How does a Virtual Workplace help with hybrid working?

A Virtual Workplace brings your team together again, no matter where they are based, and has the ability to change your business.

As teams continue to work in a hybrid way, it can be difficult to collaborate and work together. Planning and cohesion can be difficult. Businesses are starting to see subcultures form, between those in the office and those that aren’t. Virtual Workplaces are designed to put everyone on a level playing field regardless of location. Virtual Workplaces also future-proof your business.

In addition, they allow organisations to create a presence again. Through the introduction of avatars, users can start to converse more naturally, like we do when we are all in the same room. Spontaneous chat is reignited, you can see other people’s avatars in the virtual office and stop for a chat. Everything can be personalised, including your avatar or your office, which starts to bring some personality and uniqueness into the remote working day. Wellness areas with on-demand subscriptions to exercise classes or meditations create the opportunity to positively impact wellbeing in the new hybrid world. Our Virtual Workplaces are purpose-built around your needs. To try out our metaverse click here.

Virtual Workplaces have recently garnered lots of attention - read about our interview with ITV News here.

Create your own avatar image

Create your own avatar and express yourself in the Virtual Workplace

"PixelMax has created an enterprise version of the most immersive gaming experiences, allowing organisations to produce compelling and engaging workplaces that meld seamlessly with the physical world. This not only allows a business to project its personality in a manner that is unobtainable in the physical world but it also enables employees and wider communities to effectively communicate, collaborate and co-create, regardless of location"

Is the Virtual Workplace in the metaverse?

The Virtual Workplace is built as a metaverse. The metaverse is essentially a highly immersive virtual world where people can gather to work, play or socialise. Think of Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite, they all have elements of the metaverse within them. Our Virtual Workplaces are the same, they are immersive 3D virtual worlds where you can collaborate and co-create with colleagues in real time through avatars or digital representations of themselves. This digital representation can exist and move between multiple platforms. Read more about the role the metaverse will play in the world of hybrid working.

Do you need a VR headset to use a Virtual Workplace?

No! It doesn’t require a virtual headset or any costly technology. In fact, it doesn't even require you to download any additional software. You just need an internet connection and a browser, and you are ready to explore endless possibilities.

Is a Virtual Workplace expensive?

There's a tendency to think that because the immersive Virtual Workplace is so powerful, it has a price to match. It doesn’t. It is fully bespoke and you only pay for what you need to use.

Does it really help employee wellbeing?

It does! The flexibility of hybrid working improves employee satisfaction. Zoom fatigue is a real issue, and the fragmentation of your staff members’ day across different programmes and meetings means it can be overwhelming at work. A 3D Virtual Workplace is the first step to a more natural workplace. A place where staff and wider business communities can engage, collaborate and create.

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