Virtual Showrooms

Showcase your products in new and innovative ways that simply aren’t achievable in 2D

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Create the ultimate metaverse training environment and bring even the most complex topics to life in easy to understand ways

PixelMax virtual showrooms harness the power of the metaverse to create a fully curated, always-on, instantly accessible platform for customers to experience your brand and product to their fullest.

Virtual showroom

Showcase what makes you special, engage your audience and boost your bottom line.

Virtual Showroom

Challenges you told us about

  • You want to get your business started in the metaverse but there doesn’t seem to be anything for enterprise/business

  • 3D experiences look amazing but you wouldn’t know where to start.

  • Most metaverses look too ‘gamey’ and ‘blocky’

  • Typical web advertising either underperforms or is extremely costly. Landing pages aren't representative of what you do and the drop-off is burning budget

  • You want to build a community and provide customers and clients  with a place where they can meet and do business regardless of physical location

  • Since the pandemic, people are less willing to travel; its harder to sell to consumers and showcase products

  • You want to overcome the geographical challenge of getting customers to a physical location

What we created

  • An enterprise version of the metaverse, allowing brands to harness its power quickly to meet with customers and clients

  • A Virtual Showroom that brings your community together, no matter where they are based, that doesn't need a VR headset!

  • A high-fidelity 3D immersive experience packed with features to promote brand and product awareness, demonstrate 3D models, videos, images, promotional information and e-commerce.

  • Fully customisable avatars that create presence, allowing for spontaneous one on one chats with your potential customers while they are experiencing your product  

  • Architects design our worlds. We will tell your story in a fully customisable virtual space that reflects your brand

  • The chance to bring customers, clients, suppliers and partners together in an engaging, memorable and impactful way

  • A fully bespoke and customisable environment to create an on-brand experience, whether it be for employees, pitches or product launches or client events.

  • A scalable world that can be built upon and developed in line with your organisation’s changing needs

  • A comprehensive analytics package to understand product engagement, behaviour tracking and ROI

  • An environment which encourages direct communication with your potential customers, including voice communication and direct messaging/enquiries

  • Gain instant insight from your customers using analytics

The PixelMax Solution

  • Browser-based high quality creative 3D worlds that tell your brand story and connect your community in a beautifully rendered and graphically rich space

  • Product showcase areas

  • Embedded payment systems

  • Real-time analytics dashboard that's fully customisable with all the key funnel and engagement metrics you'd expect, plus anything specific you want built-in

  • Scalable to millions of users

  • Refresh/add new products directly from the Content Management System (CMS)

  • Live streaming and on-demand video content

  • One to one or group chat

  • Surveys and polls to gain valuable and timely insights

  • Fully integrated helpdesk functionality

  • Intuitive UI and easy to use navigation controls

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