Virtual Events

Unsure of how to create a spine-tingling virtual event? Want your brand centre stage with white-label capabilities? Need an A-list experience without breaking the bank?


The simplest way to make the most exhilarating event experiences

  • Fully brandable and white-label

  • An immersive world full of wow factor only limited by your imagination

  • Replicate an existing venue or environment, or build your own bespoke event

  • Reuse and tweak your event with your own CMS system

  • On-demand or live interactive tools – gamification, wellbeing areas and presentations

  • Networking: converse with other attendees in the 3D world or message

  • Full data capture & analytics

What are virtual events?

Virtual events happen in a virtual world as opposed to the physical one. It is vital to make the distinction between physical and 'real'.

Virtual events are meetings that take place online and mimic the feel of real-world events. Through the use of online platforms, these events bring individuals from different places together to take part in different events, whether they are conferences, seminars, conventions or even concerts. Virtual events make use of communication and collaboration capabilities.

How does a virtual event work?

Much like any other event, you set a time and date, and invite people or sell tickets.  

You only need your laptop, an internet connection and PixelMax's infrastructure. Your attendees are free to walk around, interact and share experiences.

With PixelMax virtual events, virtually anything is possible. With our store, you can run a virtual event with minimal setup, or for a more significant event, our bespoke product can support you on your journey from concept creation to deployment.

3D Virtual Events are here to stay.

What are the different types of virtual events?

Here are some virtual event examples and ideas:

  • Webinars

  • Virtual conferences and summits

  • Virtual trade shows or exhibitions

  • Virtual gigs or sports events

  • Virtual careers or university fairs

What does a  virtual events platform or software do?

It makes it easy for you to put on a virtual event. Initially think of it as the venue's sales coordinator, helping you figure out what will be positioned where, suggesting a good running order, and managing footflow.

Virtual events platforms offer so much more:

  • Generates excitement.

  • Increased opportunities to engage and high levels of interaction with the ability to capture real-time data and opinions.

  • The ability to create virtual events that exceed beyond what can be achieved in reality. In the virtual world, anything is possible. You can create something very abstract or very real, it’s up to you.

  • Using the drag-and-drop feature, recreate an event as many times as you need.

  • No travel or capacity restrictions.

  • Unlimited breakout capabilities.

One of the most significant differences is the ability to go beyond the four walls of the physical space. Anything you can think of and imagine can be part of your event. Not just locations or objects but experiences too. A private concert for just your team, letting a group of friends wait in the tunnel pre-match, watching the impact of global warming on the polar ice cap in real-time.  

It is all easy to create with the right platform.

Read more about our recent hybrid event and see what's possible with the PixelMax platform here.

Is it better to have a virtual event or a physical event?

You really don't have to choose.

You can create a new virtual event or you can mimic a physical event to allow more people from more places in the world to come and experience it.

It's true that virtual events have become a lot more popular in a post-pandemic world, but like anything, necessity is the mother of invention and attendees, creators and companies are realising that there's so much limitation in the physical world.

Read more about why hybrid events are here to stay. Physical events can be accompanied by our virtual platform.

How do you make a virtual event more fun and interesting?

Take a look at some of the stuff that PixelMax is capable of. It's so far beyond what you may think of as a virtual event, especially if you've had your understanding of them rooted in webinars.

We focus on maximising the benefits of the digital world to deliver moments and experiences that are simply impossible in the real world. Find out more about how to plan a virtual event.

There's live media, social media interactions, gamification, jaw-dropping backdrops, personalised experiences.

“ Covid-19 forced us all online, but since most of the platforms were developed pre-pandemic, the virtual experience for many has been dull and flat, with online conference fatigue becoming part of the 'new normal'.

"But PixelMax brought many more exciting applications than just conferencing.

"The platform enables you to create and explore your virtual space, with the only limit being your imagination.

"We set out to provide a much more fulfilling platform and PixelMax was created after widespread research into what people did not like about existing virtual apps and what they wanted to see."

PixelMax co-founder, Andy Sands

Can we brand our virtual events with PixelMax?

You sure can.

We understand that the spectacle of what we help you create is really important. It leaves a big impression on attendees – an impression you want associated with your brand. It also helps you fund events and reduces your reliability of ticketing.

Read more about the importance of white-label virtual event platforms here

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