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At PixelMax, we utilise technology to create highly effective, beguiling & powerful metaverse environments.

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UEFA virtual stage

Healthcare Innovation

Alder Hay Children's Hospital

PixelMax has created a digital twin of the radiology department at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to help young patients and their families familiarise themselves with the machines and procedures before undergoing any tests. The digital twin gamified the daunting experience for young children to help them familiarise themselves before they enter the hospital. The system helped reduce wait times and improved efficiency within the hospital.

UEFA virtual stage


UEFA Women's Champions League Final

During the pandemic, UEFA Women’s Football replaced their usual fan engagement events using the PixelMax Platform - allowing visitors to freely explore the UEFA Metaverse, consume content, play mini-games, walk onto the pitch at Wembley Stadium, and even speak to their football idols. After highly positive feedback from the thousands of fans who attended the UEFA Metaverse from locations worldwide, UEFA commissioned two further metaverse deployments for the Women’s Euro 2020 draw and the 2022 Women’s Champions League Final.

First Responder Training


The ATACC Group deal with front-line workers and reconstructs real-life scenarios such as terrorist attacks or train crashes to train employees on how to deal with high-pressure situations. Due to the high costs and location-based reconstructions, ATACC turned to creating these scenarios virtually in the metaverse.  


Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)

PixelMax has worked with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre to produce a Digital Twin from their architectural model; this displays live IoT data, including air quality, CO2 and occupied seating. The exact replica of the AMRC Building in Sheffield was transferred from a Revitt file and brought to life in the Metaverse by PixelMax.

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