Client Journey

We tailor workflows to the specifics of each bespoke project

We Listen

We discuss your project with you in detail, listening closely to your aspirations & ideas. We then utilise our expertise to provide you with a perfectly tailored workflow.

Bespoke design

Want to design your own Metaverse? The creative department at PixelMax works closely with clients to develop ideas and bring them to life. We employ a meticulous approach to the concept and details of every project and a relentless focus on refining designs to arrive at a digital solution perfect for each client’s needs.

Existing assets

Use existing 3D digital assets to create your own Metaverse with PixelMax. Whether that’s full-scale buildings or integration of smaller 3D models (Revit, CAD), our team can utilise their experience in optimisation to build your 3D world.

Design consultation

Asset optimisation

Meet with our creative team and begin to design your world.

Discuss optimising existing assets with our 3D team.

Populate & test your world

Explore your options for interactive in-world triggers, live-streams and manage the content within your metaverse. Once populated, we will test & tweak it until perfect.

People using a computer

Activate your world!

Share your metaverse with the world, host your event & be part of our ever-growing community of metaverse owners.

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