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We offer the ability to build high quality 3D worlds using our Unreal Engine SDK, quickly jump into the metaverse with the PixelMax Store, or work with us to create your own virtual environment from a concept or existing assets.
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At PixelMax, we deploy high quality 3D virtual environments that work on any device, in a web browser, using cloud streaming.

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PixelMax Store

Do you want to quickly realise the benefits of a metaverse for your business? Using our Store, you can choose a pre-built virtual environment, from museums & galleries to wellbeing spaces, and start using the metaverse in less than 5 minutes!

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Bespoke Metaverse

Work with our experienced creative team to concept, create, and deploy a virtual environment for your business, just how you want it. Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in how to build metaverses, from digital twins of existing locations for NHS trusts, to creating bespoke worlds for UEFA.

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PixelMax SDK

Using our SDK for Unreal Engine, you can build and deploy bespoke, customised virtual environments using your existing Unreal Engine projects and 3D assets, or you can create new experiences from scratch. With your assets in the Unreal Engine, you can quickly add features for the metaverse, such as customisation, IoT, multiplayer, and voice communication. Once deployed, your users can access your 3D world from a web browser, on any device.

Our SDK can be used by anyone with some 3D experience, including CAD modelling (product designers, engineers, architects, etc.), games (such as level designers, game developers, modellers), and film creators (modellers, animators, etc.).

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