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Sometimes people just need to see things to understand them better. Digital twinning makes that happen. Twin your factory. Twin a production line. Any physical space or thing can be recreated virtually.

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And that's just the start, the digital twin lets you see things from a new perspective catching insights you never knew existed. Once you've recreated something in a 3D world, performance data is much more accessible, and strategic decision making is much more decisive.

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Problems you told us about

  • Your performance data needs to be more actionable. You were experiencing too much downtime and other performance issues that you suspect could be avoided with more insight and understanding.

  • You want access to performance data from any location, to make quick strategic decisions and take action there and then.

  • You, your customers and your employees want to see, tour and explore data from any location in your business from any location in the world.

What we offer

  • Simple and accessible real-time performance reporting. Link your digital twin to machine sensors and immediately see a whole range of measures like capacity, performance or energy use.

  • The ability to recreate anything. We worked with an NHS trust to twin the radiology department, allowing patients to take a virtual tour before their treatment so they knew what to expect.

  • Access to data that improves performance - we’ve worked with industrial facilities, providing data that improved machine utilisation from 60% to 85%.

  • A digital twin allows you to showcase your space securely to anyone in the world at any time. Complete a health and safety induction or wow a new client, the options are endless.

  • Digital Twins that allow you to gain huge insight into your physical assets in real time, by integrating multiple data sources, including IIOT sensors. This in turn allows for strategic decisions based on a single source of truth.

  • A simple way to analyse your production lines or even whole factories reducing the need for costly travel.

The PixelMax Solution

  • Replicate anything for any reason. See potential problems earlier and take action quickly.

  • Browser access to your twin anywhere in the world

  • In-built data capture and analytics

  • Data visualisation techniques

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