Digital Twinning

Time for continuous improvement? Reduce unknowns, spot the bottlenecks, and maximise your efficiencies? Key stakeholders halfway round the world?

Speed up your development, minimise your down-time, and put anyone in the world in the room with a Pixelmax digital twin.


Get a complete digital twin  and analytics solution with Pixelmax

  • 3D isometric view

  • Easy to use and navigate

  • Full set-up with optional pilot

  • Access and share data instantly

  • Full customisable dashboards

  • Adaptable to almost any data source

Digital twin definition

Let's define digital twinning for you. Quite simply a digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process.

The digital twin is never intended to replace the physical object or process, but offer new insights and perspectives usually with the aim of optimising it.

For more information about making a digital twin of an event see our virtual events page.

Your digital twin can be used to integrate a whole host of data types, including IIoT sensors which collect real-time data. This data can then be analysed to identify and improve real world performance.  Our cloud-based solution means that you and your team can access it anywhere and anytime.

What is digital twin technology and why is it so important?

Digital twin technology is simply any piece of software or technology that lets you create and analyse a digital twin.

It's very flexible, but very powerful technology. Data sources can be virtually anything – and you, as an expert in your field, will have a good idea of what needs to be modelled –popular data sources for digital twin technological currently include:

  • Established equipment or machinery sensors

  • Additional IIOT sensors

  • Cameras on-site and CCTV

  • Client databases

  • Periodic reports

  • Historic data (to allow immediate visualisation of trends)

  • Data from the field, uploaded by individuals

What are the benefits of digital twinning

  • You get a head start on product planning and design

  • You become more efficient almost straightaway by reducing potentially costly unknowns and identifying bottlenecks and other production issues, and also by making better maintenance decisions.

  • Your team becomes more effective as digital twins allow them to focus on their efforts in the right places

Specifically, PixelMax also allows you to:

  • Communicate directly with your facilities, equipment and your workforce using a combination of Pixelmax and Pixelmeet technologies

  • Visualise complex data from multiple sources in a single unified platform

Why do we need a digital twin?

If you're thinking this is NASA-level stuff, you're right. It used to be.

NASA has embraced similar tech to aid its space exploration – it was mirrored systems that helped engineers avert disaster with Apollo 13, and even now, NASA is using digital twinning to develop next-generation vehicles and aircraft.

But you no longer need a budget that's out of this world.

Are digital twins expensive?
Nowhere near as expensive as you'd think.

As we said, digital twins are just the virtual world holding a mirror up to the physical world except they reflect back much more insight. That's insight that any business – your or your competitors – can gain a competitive advantage from.

Think of it like this too. What do you currently spend on external data or optimisation consultants, not to mention ad hoc maintenance or efficiency losses? Would visualising and democratising data allow your workforce to reduce reliance on external consultants?

Most people and companies quickly see that there is a lot of money to be saved with a digital twin.

Speak to PixelMax and you'll soon see that pricing is not a small step to the giant leaps you can make with a digital twinning platform.

How do you set up a digital twin?

With PixelMax, you'll be fully supported to get the most out of your digital twin and it's data. This is what our process looks like:

  • Get in touch – simply pop some details into the contact page

  • Discovery phrase – let's have a quick chat about your problems and aims and existing solutions

  • Brief – know exactly what you're getting

  • Pilot – this optional phase can help you really see the benefits

  • Report and Value Proposition – here you make the call, do you want to proceed? Is it worth it for you?

  • Final brief – thrash out the final details and get your quote

  • Data capture – don't worry if you have zero existing data capture or have lots of CAD/BIM provision

  • Data sources and IOT install – let's make sure your facility is completely connected and your digital twin is the perfect replica

  • 3D modelling – get a model optimised for the Unreal engine but fully capable of leveraging any additional value from outside the PixelMax platform

  • Configuration and dashboard creation – let's democratise that data for every stakeholder

  • Platform deployment – go live

  • Ongoing data aid – AI, Machine learning etc

Digital twin pilot

As you can see we can very quickly get you a working cost effective pilot scheme created. After that, most of our clients quickly proceed to the final brief and start thinking about the host of insights that will be available to them. But again, it's your choice, it's just a pilot and you can decide to go no further should you wish.

See some real world examples of how Pixelmax digital twin tech has helped other companies see what's possible

What are the types of digital twin?

You can make a digital twin of most things, but there are three main types:

  • Product

  • Production

  • Performance

Product digital twins

Need a better prototype or always chasing those marginal gains? Product digital twins may be the most simple type, but they can virtually validate any design decision.

We can help  companies vastly reduce the number of prototypes and cut dev time and help others iterate in response to customer feedback much quicker.

We've also made complete digital twins of whole events. This isn't a research or analytics exercise (although it's really easy to pull data from), but does get your event to a huge potential audience.

Production digital twins

This is where you'll make virtual copies of everything in your manufacturing process and production digital twins have been known to save millions in efficiencies.

What most people don't realise initially is that production digital twins aren't just a pre-production thing. Run them in conjunction with your physical production line and you can prevent costly downtime, by pinpointing preventative maintenance or, over time, identify operations that are more efficient or reliable. And this leads us to...

Performance Digital Twins

Because digital data is far easier to capture and aggregate than its (mostly unseen) physical equivalents. Therefore it is far more useful. You can use digital twins to unearth so many insights.

Performance digital twins allow you to boost efficiency and create new business opportunities.

What's the digital thread then?

Like any thread, it's the link and combination of these three that companies use in their twinning.

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