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September 9, 2022

With PixelMax, anything is possible.

Whatever the company, whatever the industry, whatever problem, we can help you find a bespoke virtual solution. Here we look at how we worked alongside BEP surface technologies.

So, who are BEP and what do they do?

BEP are unique in the UK in that they craft precision grinders and electroplaters at dimensions that can't be found anywhere else. 

These components are crucial to commercial packaging and automotive sectors as well as the defense, oil, gas and nuclear industries. 

What was the problem?

BEP were moving sites and wanted  to plan factory floor layouts and spacing of equipment to improve efficiency in the new set up.  

They needed to ensure there was minimal disruption to production during the changeover period. In addition, the sheer weight of their machines meant a detailed understanding of the new facility was vital for safety and integrity of the new machine locations. 

What did Pixelmax create?

A cutting-edge, space-planning sandbox for process flow design. 

Using laser scanning and GPR technology we created a geospatially accurate twin of their existing and proposed location. 

This in turn allowed BEP to better understand the limitations of their current manufacturing process flow and optimise the design, layout and workflow of the new factory at the click of a few buttons and tap of a few screens.

In addition, we integrated IOT sensors into their 60-year-old machinery. For the first time, their engineers can easily harvest the data they need to predict maintenance events – potentially saving thousands of pounds in production downtime and unnecessary equipment wear.

What were the benefits?

The smoothest imaginable transition period. What could've been days and weeks of downtime was avoided.

Furthermore, and more importantly to the ongoing operation, there's been a significantly reduced risk of equipment and property damage. 

Machine utilisation improved from 60% to 85% and there's an understanding that this is just the start for BEP. Working alongside the PixelMax team, BEP plans to use this technology to simulate the process flow of  their new advanced manufacturing centre, due to open in the next few months.

In addition, they are looking at using their digital twin for marketing, site tours and training.

Watch a video of our solution.

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