Hybrid working is now a necessity. Our Virtual Workplaces make it engaging, fun and seamless.

Our Virtual Workplace combines the power of human connection and seamless integration. Create presence through avatars, bring back spontaneous chat and cultivate a positive culture. Integrate third party platforms to create a truly unified workplace.

One platform that lets you build whatever you want

Virtual Workplaces

Companies spend thousands creating the right atmosphere for their physical workplace, but now we spend more time than ever working away from the office, it’s time to invest in the Virtual Workplace. Packed with features like personalised and interactive avatars, V-commerce, wellness areas and third-party integrations, it turns the experience of working remotely on its head.


3D Virtual Events

Create and brand a unique 3D virtual event or expand the reach of any physical event with a virtual co-location


Digital Twin

Make a digital twin of any physical space. Let anyone tour your factory or production line from anywhere in the world. Get actionable insights into performance to allow strategic decisions to be made and quickly actioned


Data visualisation and value stream mapping

Bring your data to life to highlight issues and communicate complex problems. With PixelMax a picture can speak a 1000 words and uncover the previously unseen insight.


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Why PixelMax?

Highest security standards

We use AWS infrastructure. We don’t store any data outside of the UK and EU.

Evolves with your

Control your own pricing by adding extra features as and when you need them.

Bespoke or pre-built

Choose to customise popular options or create new ways of working.

Unrivalled quality

With one platform you'll always know exactly where all your sensitive data is stored.

Fully and seamlessly scalable

Adding a few hundred more users or a few thousand extra attendees is no problem at all.

Nothing but a browser

Deliver a better reality for colleagues and customers

Whitelabel options

Put your brand centre stage at an event or simply have your branding on your own bespoke comms platform.

24hr support from
day 1

We'll find the solution together. We'll listen to what you need, deliver it and support you to help you maximise it.

Simple to use

A user interface that makes it easy to get where you want to go

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